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Diverse Group of Children Locking Arms in a Line

Resources for Families

Many organizations and agencies have developed resources related to the transition to postsecondary education and employment. The list below contains valuable information that you may find useful as you seek to understand the transition process, identify differences between services provided in secondary education and postsecondary education, or support family members who are preparing to transition from secondary educational settings to postsecondary education or competitive employment.


National Autism Center: Resources

The National Autism Center has made free resources available through their online library.  These resources include a parent's guide.  These resources also provide valuable insight into evidence-based practices that can be used to teach your family members with ASD.

National Autism Center Resources Webpage



National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorder (NPDC)

The NPDC provides a number of modules that introduce evidence-based practices including some that can be used to teach family members with ASD to preform new skills and potentially reach higher level of independence.  Each module can be accessed independently and provides guidance on one specific best-practice. 

NPDC: Evidence Based Practices Webpage



Timeline for Transition from Secondary to Postsecondary education

This sample timeline can be used as a guide to important milestones in the transition process. The timeline begins in Grades 9&10 and continues through the final month before moving to college. 

Timeline from High School to College Entrance Document



Support Changes from High School to College

As students transition from high school to college they will encounter many differences related to what accommodations and services are available and how to obtain them.  This document outline the differences in legislation, services, and supports so students with ASD and their families can understand what to expect.  The document is also useful for demonstrating the importance of self-advocacy when entering a postsecondary setting. 

Support Changes from High School to College


When Should I Disclose My Autism

The decision to disclose a diagnosis of ASD is a personal and sometimes sensitive process. This document provides a list of considerations and some helpful suggestions for students who face the decision to disclose their ASD to others and considers academic, employment, and social contexts.

When Should I Disclose My Autism Document

Financial Resource Guide for Families of Children With Autism

Raising a child on the autism spectrum holds many challenges and rewards for parents. While obstacles come in many forms, perhaps one of the most quantifiable is the financial impact. In this guide, you will find advice for saving money on medical care and day-to-day expenses, as well as an introduction to programs and funds meant to support families of children with ASD.

Financial Resource Guide for Families of Children With Autism 


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