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Diverse Group of Children Locking Arms in a Line

Students & Young Adults

If you are a student who has autism spectrum disorder, the transition from high school to college or the workforce can be a difficult but rewarding time.  You will need to develop new skills that affect your daily life including time management, organization, and the ability to navigate social situations, and mastery of a variety of academic or job related tasks. But, in this new phase of life you may also achieve a new level of independence, make new friends, or find a job that matches your current skills and abilities. 

The resources on this site are designed to assist you with the transition process.  The advocacy section contains resources related to self-advocacy skills.  The FAQ section contains documents designed to answer questions you may have about a variety of topics ranging from what to expect in college or the workforce to how to navigate difficult social interactions.  The resources section will direct you to other organizations that you may find helpful.  The self-assessment section contains material that will assist you in assessing your own abilities and goals.
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