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Diverse Group of Children Locking Arms in a Line


Many organizations and agencies have developed resources related to employment for individuals with autism or for employers who want to provide an equitable work experience for their employees with autism. The list below contains valuable information that you may find useful as you seek to understand the experience for individuals with autism seeking employment or prepare individuals with autism for work at your company.


Getting the Best from an Employee with ASD: 10 Tips for Job Success

The following document is a brief introduction to providing beneficial supports to employees with ASD and includes a number of recommendations that can be easily implemented at the workplace. 

10 Tips for Job Success Document

Illinois work.Net: disabilityworks Training Videos

These non-autism specific videos are designed to help employers navigate the process of hiring persons with disabilities or working with their employees with disabilitites.  These videos cover the ADA, reasonable accommodations, assistive technology and other topics that can be applied to working with individuals with ASD. 

Disabilityworks Training Videos




National Autism Center: Resources

The National Autism Center has made free resources available through their online library.  These resources include national standards reports and a range of other guides.  They provide valuable insight into evidence-based practices that can be used to train individuals with ASD.

National Autism Center Resources Webpage


National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorder (NPDC)

The NPDC provides a number of modules that introduce evidence-based practices including some that can be used to train employees with ASD to preform new skills or those that can be incorporated into a process for providing feedback.  Each module can be accessed independently and provides guidance on one specific best-practice. 

NPDC: Evidence Based Practices Webpage

Why I Should Hire Someone with ASD:  10 Characteristics of a Successful Employee

The following document is a brief introduction to common characteristics shared by many individuals with ASD and the benefits they bring to the work place.  However, as autism is a spectrum, it is important to know that each individual is different and identifying strengths and weaknesses of an individual is important if you want to develop skills of your employees with ASD.

Why I Should Hire Someone with ASD Document