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Diverse Group of Children Locking Arms in a Line


Services personnel, general education teachers, and other educators are very important in supporting students with ASD as they transition to college. The postsecondary setting is critical for students with autism because it provides an opportunity to develop the academic, social, and life skills necessary for independence. 

The Training section provides evidence-based information and professional learning for anyone who supports, instructs, or works with someone with autism.

Upcoming professional development events related to accessibility include the following:

Upcoming Trainings

There are no training events with registration currently open.  Please check again soon or contact ICSPS for a schedule of upcoming events.

Past Training Resources

The WIOA Collaborative Business Engagment Regional Workshop was held in June of 2018.  Resources from this event can be found at the following link:
WIOA Collaborative Business Engagement Regional Workshops Page

A Civil Rights Review Faciliies Training was held in May of 2018. Resources from this event can be found at the following link:
Civil Rights Review Facilities Training Page

Training Video Access